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~ My Story ~

(Cont'd)  After multiple tests and many examinations, they determined that the damage to my little body is irreversible; sadly, I had suffered a fractured back and pelvis and will never walk or run again. But that hasn't stopped me! 


It took some learning and lots of hard work,  but I now depend on my wheel cart to get around...I have gotten pretty good at it!!

I need to wear diapers because I'm totally incontinent but that's okay. Emma's Rescue had a special program called Emma's Rescue Reserve and I was placed in this program to learn how to walk again using a wheel cart. Lucky for me I was quickly adopted by my Mommy in Ohio. We've moved recently and now live in New Mexico with my sissies Abby, Lacy, Mattie, Shelby, Mommy Nay.

It's one big and fun family and we love it!

My Mommy is also a Veteran and I am a certified Therapy Pup. Together she and I are making it our Mission to make sure all fur-babies like me can hope and believe that someday, they too, will be able to get around by having their own wheel cart. We also take our mission to the VA hospitals and clinics where we offer emotional support to all our Veterans!

It's not all glamour all the time and I have had a very busy few years!! Our Mission has grown with many faithful Facebook friends and followers.  This past year,  2016, I was one very lucky little girl and was voted the winner in the American Humane Society's Therapy Dog category! I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Hollywood with Mom and Mom Nay, stay in a fancy hotel and walk the Red Carpet! I was blessed to meet quite a few "BIG" stars are and I think they liked me, REALLY liked me!  As exciting as that was, my true Mission is to help other injured or paralyzed fur babies to have the chance to gain back their mobility! With friends and supporters like you, we can all keep reaching for the stars!


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Welcome  to  the Mango Family!

Please join on us this very important Mission!

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