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Meet Mango!


~ My Story ~

Hi! My name is Mango! I am approximately a 4 yr old little girl Cairn Terrier and I was found on the side of the road in a ditch in Fort Worth, Texas a few years ago. I was picked up by the city's animal control on a random call and they dropped me at the local kill shelter. I was very lucky and got pulled by the angels at Emma's Rescue. (cont'd)

~ Donate ~

When you donate, your gift is providing an opportunity for another fur baby to regain mobility. Every donation helps us help another injured or disabled pet. Pets that were once diagnosed with IVDD or spinal paralysis were often euthanized, discarded or left to endlessly suffer. When we join together, we can move mountains and  that's what we are committed to! (cont'd)

~ Shop ~

Welcome to the Everything Mango Shop! By purchasing official 'Mango on a Mission' items, we can further continue providing wheel carts for injured or disabled pets. Each purchase helps us move closer to our goal of proving wheel carts free of charge to those in need. Started in October of 2014, we continue our Mission. Please visit our Shop for some wonderful items and gift ideas!

If you have come here for help for a cart ONLY, you may reach out to us through the form below, via email.

(For purchase inquiries or other information, PLEASE use the message link on our "Contact" page!)


Every pet, large, small, dog, cat or even a horse (yes, we even helped a horse!) deserves a fighting chance and the opportunity to live their lives as comfortably and naturally as possible. 

Success! Message received.

Please Note: All carts are the sole property of "Mango's Freedom Wheels" and "Mango On A Mission". Should your pet be selected as a candidate to receive a cart, the cart is to be returned to us if, and when, your pet has passed and/or it is no longer in use. The carts are custom made and no alterations to the original design or construction are permitted. You may display identifying hang tags (no permanent attachments) while in your possession and during time of use. You will be required to sign contractual documentation agreeing to non-alteration to the cart (welding/changing wheels/non-approved attachments, etc.) and to return the cart to 'Mango's Freedom Wheels/Mango on a Mission' located in New Mexico upon completion of use. There are no exceptions. If the cart is NOT returned, you will be charged according to the current market price/value and all associated processing and legal fees. 

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